Im so sorry guys I forgot I was part of this Blog! But don’t worry I will be here now!


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Life Hack #842049


Instead of having a crush on a living human, punch yourself right in the fucking face for the same effect

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Hello all,

So I just need to get some nervousness out so here it goes. 

Tomorrow is my first time ever in post secondary school and I haven’t been in school since 2008. So I’m super scared and unprepared x.x. On top of that all Me and Jory will be looking for a new place to live next week and its just all piling up now.

I’m happy to be living on my own and that I got my best friend here with me because if not I’d be freaking out everyday. Of course I miss my parents and such but hell I’m 22 and it’s time to test what I can do. So far…not bad at all. Some days are rough, and others feel like I can take over the world.  Plus I got my Ash hat here so BRING IT ON WORLD!!!!!

Also it’s pride theme this week, and I am a supporter of the gay community. I have a lot of friends who are gay and they mean the world too me. So I’ll try my best this week to show the support!!! Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of Rainbow stuff around my house„„So I’ll will post a giant Pride post this week!!! 

If you have any questions please ask or give me some school advice…trust me I need it.

Anyways I need to sleep so I love you all and good night


That one guy Derk =P

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Anonymous asked: Usa, why don't we ever see you anymore? I'd love a hug. 

Me? I have just had a lot of stuff going on, mostly being sick


A hug? Sure! I love hugs! 

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Hello everyone,

It is I, The Great and wonderful Derk. 

I am back from Vacation and I will be more active now. So send me some questions or some Stories. Hell maybe even a Host event that we can put on.

Short and sweet! No gifs sorry guys I just rode on these giant metal bird things for 7 hours today so Im not in my best form, Anyways…

Love you all,

That one guy Derk. =P

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Anonymous asked: ray ray i hope you feel better, come on and give us a big smile :D 

How’s this anon? :)


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Hey guys! I’ve been under the weather and quite depressed lately so if anyone wants to make me better, do ask me some things! it would mean the world to me.


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